No Smoking Day – March 13th – Get Fit And Quit Cigarettes for Good


On March 13th 2013 it is No Smoking Day, a day that encourages people who smoke to quite the habit for good. Alongside the NHS service many companies provide help and support to those who want to give up the cigarettes. Smoking is an addictive habit and it is hard for most to quit quickly, which is why No Smoking Day was created to help those who need guidance and support on kicking the habit.

Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health. Smoking cigarettes each day is no good for your body and if you want to start improving your fitness then smoking is the first thing that needs to go. If you are still puffing away on twenty a day, then all that healthy eating and exercise is going to be a waste of time.

To create a healthy lifestyle for yourself, you will need to look at all parts of your life including bad habits such as smoking, lack of exercise, what you eat and what you drink. If you are thinking about giving up the cigarettes on No Smoking Day and want to get fit and improve your way of life, then check out some of our tips below.

    Quit smoking kits – There are many places that offer kits which help you to quit smoking. These are usually free if you order from the health service, but you can also find other things to buy that will assist you when trying to kick the habit, including patches and chewing gum.

    Take up exercise – Getting fit will require you to take up some form of exercise. Of course if you are a smoker, then your body may not be able to do long bursts of extensive exercise. Instead opt for something easy to start off with, perhaps some walking or jogging outdoors. You could even purchase some home gym equipment such as an exercise bike and take part in some leisurely cycling.

    Cut down on junk food – Most people who quit smoking, start to snack more to replace their habit. Instead of snacking on chocolate, crisps and sweets, choose some fruit or nuts. You could also fill up on healthier meals by adding more vegetables to your recipes and choosing brown carbohydrates over white variations.

    Easy on the alcohol – A lot of people smoke when they drink, so cutting down on your alcohol intake may help when trying to quit smoking. Drinking less will also cut down your calorie intake as wine, spirits and beer contains a large amount of calories. Try to stick to the recommended daily allowance and avoid binge drinking at the weekends.

    Find a hobby – Many people smoke when they are bored. Find something else rather than hunting for the cigarettes when you are looking for something to do. Walk the dog, ring a friend or go shopping with the money you have saved on not buying cigarettes.


Hopefully these tips will help you to quit smoking and improve your health and fitness. Remember that March 13th is No Smoking Day, so why not take the opportunity to kick the habit for good.