Russia: Putin discusses state of US-Russian relations

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Mandatory courtesy to: TASS

Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed US-Russian relations, and praised counter-terrorism cooperation between the two countries, as part of the interview series “20 Questions with Vladimir Putin,” released by the TASS news agency on Wednesday.

Commenting on US help with detaining two followers of the terrorist group ISIS in Saint Petersburg back in 2019, the Russian leader said “I would like to thank them a lot for sharing that information with us.”

After being asked if US intelligence works better than their Russian counterpart, Putin answered that “They work globally, just like we do,” adding that “our services track down a lot of them, thus preventing dozens of terrorist attacks, they catch and intercept them. Several dozen a year. That specific case was detected by the US.”

Putin also recalled his relations with former American President Barack Obama, adding “when he said that the US is an exceptional nation, with special, exclusive rights in the world, I cannot agree. God created us all equal and gave us equal rights. So, I think it is absolutely ungrounded to say that some people should have exclusive rights to anything.”

Meanwhile, the Russian leader rated the current relations between the two countries, “between a two and a three” on a scale from one to five.

Discussing US objections to the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline, the Russian President noted that the excuse for imposing sanctions was to ensure transit through Ukraine, but after a transit agreement was signed between Moscow and Kiev, the sanctions are groundless, saying “if the sanctions remain, it will mean that there is only one motive – to ensure competitive advantages for their LNG, for their liquefied gas.”

On the worsening of relations between Russia and Georgia, the Russian leader condemned the actions of former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili back in 2008, adding “I think that Mikhail Nikolayevich would recall that. I told him: ‘Listen, don’t you ever try to deal with South Ossetia and Abkhazia with the use of force.’ ‘No, no, I’ll never do that,’ he said. And he still stormed in, stormed in and got knocked back!”

Mandatory courtesy to: TASS

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