Adding Vietnamese Language Keyboard to my Iphone 4s running iOS 7.  Same as iOS 6.

Disclaimer: Boring Video. My uncle asked me the other day to add a vietnamese typing to his new ipad he got last month. I’ve never done this before so I told him.. “Sure THING!”

He was running iOS 6 on his ipad. My iphone is now on iOS7, so I thought I’d show a small portion of the users out their how to add vietnamese keyboard to their iphone’s who are running this iOS. Again.. it’s the same exact procedure as on iOS6.

Just go into settings, then press General, then go to International at the bottom, and finally click on Keyboards.
Add New Keyboard and select Vietnamese.

Now you’re ready to use the vietnamese keybaord.
To use it.. just go anywhere where you need to type. At the bottom left you will see a globe icon… press this button to toggle between the different keyboard modes.

That’s it.. you’re ready to roll. Sort of.. Now you need to learn how to use the new keyboard.

I found this simple tutorial by Hai from washington:

I think his tutorial explains it very well on how to use the vietnamese keyboard to bring up accents and other vietnamese special stuff.


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